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In 1952 PASC hosted its first "Summer Leadership Workshop" program at Penn State. Since that time, our program has greatly expanded. Today, PASC hosts four levels of summer leadership camps for students in middle school and high school at college campuses across the state. For our middle level delegates, our camp provides them a unique opportunity to grow and mature at a young age (for many, its their first time away from home in an overnight program). For our high school delegates, camp can transform them into motivated, engaged, passionate leaders in their schools and communities.

Designed for all student leaders, not just those in student council, PASC Summer Leadership Camps are open to any student in Pennsylvania, and even the occasional out-of-state student as well! Our staff members are a combination of college students and adults. Our adult teaching staff and directors bring years (and often decades) of experience in designing and delivering youth leadership programs. Many of them have been trained by and are active in the National Association for Student Activities, formerly known as NAWD, or, the National Association of Workshop Directors, a professional association for summer leadership camp staff.

After 70 years of running leadership camps, PASC has trained thousands of students who have gone on to become leaders across the state and country. We are proud of this tradition of leadership development and look forward to including you in it! Below you will find a video from camp, information about our directors, and some of our curriculum guidelines as well. Our camps are a combination of leadership as well as socioemotional development for our delegates.

As we develop our 2023 program we encourage you to check back here to see our dates and costs for camp. In the meantime, you can email if you have questions about our program. Specific questions regarding sites can be sent to the directors of those camps.