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The National Association for Student Activities (NA4SA) is a professional organization founded by Dr. Earl Reum in 1973. Originally known as NAWD, NA4SA brings together advisors of all student activities that support and encourage student involvement in and out of the classroom, as well as leadership education teachers, regional/state activity program planners, and others interested in leadership training and activity planning.

PASC member advisors who participate in any NA4SA program (online or in-person) are eligible to receive Act 48 hours

NA4SA is affiliated with the National Association of State Student Council Executive Directors (NASSCED), the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), NASC, and many state student council associations.  PASC has a strong tradition of involvement with NA4SA and attempts to connect all of our adult members to this organization. 

NA4SA publishes an online newsletter, Reumors, and we encourage our members to subscribe. We also encourage our members to follow NA4SA on their social media platforms




Members include - but are not limited to - state student council executive directors, state and regional leadership camp/conference coordinators, leadership educators, speakers/presenters, and school activity advisors and directors. We invite ALL who are interested in student activities, leadership training, and speaking/presenting to explore our website and to become an active part of our organization.



Each December, the National Association for Student Activities (NA4SA) hosts the annual National Conference on Student Activities. Unlike many of the other programs PASC is affiliated with, the National Conference on Student Activities is just for adults.

Additionally, NA4SA also hosts a free monthly seminar series online for adults throughout the year, and also has virtual programming, most notably, the National Activity Advisors Clinic (NAAC). NA4SA also runs an annual Foundations for Advisors program, a year long program for new activity advisors. NA4SA's newest program is the NA4SA Academy, a multistage professional development program for activity advisors, leadership teachers, and leadership camp staff. 

If you have participated in an NA4SA program (virtual or in-person) please contact to have your participation logged for Act 48 hours

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