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The Principal – Advisor – Leaders (PAL) Conference is a nationally recognized program that have helped bring school leadership teams closer together for years, and PASC is proud to offer this program.


The objective of these conferences is to provide an opportunity for principals, advisors, and student leaders to share ideas, to set goals, and to begin a working relationship for the new school year.  The program will provide time for participants to interact as school teams as well as separate opportunities for principals, advisors, and students to meet in small group breakout sessions.


Each school is encouraged to bring their principal and/or assistant principal, student council advisor(s), and up to ten student leaders to the conference.  Additional teams from class government organizations, National Honor Society chapter, or other service organizations may attend as long as they are also accompanied by an advisor.

Registration Fee: Includes lunch, facilitators, and conference materials. Advisors attending will earn Act 48 hours.


As PASC continues to make adjustments to our programming due to the pandemic, we will post information about our next PAL conference once it has been determined. 

General questions should be directed to

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