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We are excited you wish to join us!

Since 1932 PASC has helped thousands of students, and their advisors, transform their schools and communities and grow their leadership. Our organization exists to develop, engage, and celebrate leaders across our state. PASC helps students improve their lives while learning to lead through service, collaboration, and participation.  

There are many great reasons to join PASC! Your membership includes:

  1. Discounted rates to attend programs such as the State Leadership Convention, Summer Leadership Camp, and the PAL Conference

  2. Eligibility for PASC Award and Recognition Programs:

  3. Opportunities for students to run for positions like State President, Region Representative, and Middle Level Representative at the state level.

  4. Opportunities for students and adults to serve on regional boards, developing leadership skills and providing voice and input to PASC.

  5. Opportunities to host regional and state events. 

  6. Assistance for students to attend the National Student Council conference and adults to attend the National Conference on Student Activities.

  7. Access to Act 48 opportunities for Advisors.​

  8. Voting privileges on PASC business at regional and state meetings.  

  9. Affiliation with the Student Council organization officially recognized as Pennsylvania's state affiliate of NASSP's National Association of Student Councils (NASC), and partnered with PA Principals

  10. Consulting services from your regional and state officers are always and only a phone call or email away! Our organization exists to serve, elevate and empower our members on the local, regional, state, and national level. 

How does membership work?

  • Membership runs from July 1 to June 30.

  • Membership is by school.

    • Public, private, parochial, and charter schools are eligible to join!​

  • Your membership includes both PASC state and regional membership.

  • If a school belongs, so does any Student Council (or, Student Government/Student Senate/SGA), Class Council, Interclub Council, and NASSP affiliated Honor Society at the school, as well as any student member and adult advisor of those organizations.

How does my school signup?

  • To sign your school up for PASC membership, please use the links below. If you have questions or encounter difficulties, please contact

JOIN PASC or RENEW your membership today!

If paying by credit card,

please use the link below:

If paying by check,

please use the form below:

To UPDATE your membership information, please click below:

Use the final option at the bottom of the next page for updating current member information.


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Advisor Tip: Fill out the card and print to use as a pass for student council meetings, functions, etc. 

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