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Camp Awards

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Dr. Dale Hawley was the Executive Director of the National Association of Student Councils from 1985 until his untimely death in the mid-1990’s.  At the time of his death, the NASC organization wanted to remember him by providing five certificates to each state to be used to recognize outstanding contributions made to the student council movement by students in their respective states.  Pennsylvania chose to use these certificates to recognize the most outstanding delegate at each of our Blue and Gold summer camps.

Each year PASC Summer Leadership Camp Staff select one delegate per site to receive the site's Dale Hawley Award. The decision is made by the camp staff based on their observations of the delegates at that camp during the week.

Current Dale Hawley Award Recipients

2022:  Grace Reid-Vensel, Susquehanna Gold

Linda Greb embodied the spirit and values of PASC.  Linda was a longtime student council adviser at Cranberry High School and Mars Area Senior High School,  District 2 Director, PASC Membership Coordinator, and Director of the Advanced Gold Summer Workshop at Pitt-Johnstown.  In 1996, Linda was first diagnosed with cancer, fought it off, and had been healthy until the disease recurred in the summer of 2002. Linda passed away in March, 2003.  Because of her significant contributions to PASC, her students, and everyone she met, PASC established an award in her honor and memory to carry on her spirit and values.

The Linda Greb Award is given annually to a summer workshop staff member for outstanding service to PASC.  The recipient of the award receives a specially designed pin, shown below, which includes an inverted triangle representing Linda's strength, the seed representing those that she planted in young people, and finally their growth into fully developed trees all encircled to symbolize the circle of life.

Linda Greb Award Recipients
2019: Miranda Tellis, Grove City Gold Staff

2018: Melissa Raybuck, Alvernia Blue Staff

2017: Dan Schneider, Advanced Gold Staff

2016: Kristina Kane, Alvernia Blue Staff
2015:  Amy Kauffman, Advanced Gold Staff
2014:  Woody Woodbury, Susquehanna Gold Staff
2013:  Tonya Salkowski, Alvernia Blue Staff
2012:  Romayne Schwartzel, Advanced Gold Staff
2011:  Jim Finnemeyer, Kutztown Gold Staff
2010:  Bill Sebastian, Advanced Gold Staff
2009:  R.J. Long, Grove City Blue Staff
2008:  Dotty Noll, Susquehanna Gold Staff
2007:  Lisa Ford, Susquehanna Gold Staff
2006:  Kyle Kauffman, Advanced Gold Staff
2005:  Barrie Finnemeyer, PASC Registrar
2004:  Aniko Walker, Advanced Gold Staff
2003:  Nancy Brady, Grove City Gold Staff

Dale Hawley Awards

Linda Greb

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