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Project Databases

Looking for new programs to bring to your school? There are many great ideas out there for programs and projects that schools can perform.


In addition to the below databases, we have specific resources for advisors that can help you in your role


Additionally, this page contains information on two programs from NASSP we encourage schools to consider hosting:

  1. National Student Leadership Week

  2. Raising Student Voice and Participation (RSVP)

NaSC & NHS Project Databases

NASC Project Database

National Honor Society Project Database

Additionally, the National Junior Honor Society has provided the following resources that would be useful for both middle and high school students: 

1. Service & Leadership Organizations

2. Cause-Related Organizations

3. Fundraising Resources


National Student Leadership Week

Student leaders make significant contributions to the climate and culture of their schools and communities, and it’s important to celebrate that! National Student Leadership Week (NSLW) is an annual theme-based week dedicated to recognizing and supporting the vital role of student leaders. Since its origin stemming from a U.S. Presidential proclamation in 1972, NSLW has been a national celebration of students sponsored by National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, and the National Association of Student Councils. As part of the week, chapters and councils are encouraged to plan a special project to show how their work and ingenuity positively impacts the school and community. Today’s student leaders are the trailblazers we need, so let’s celebrate them this week and every week for all that they do.

This year, National Student Leadership Week will be April 25-29, 2024. 

We encourage all of our members to participate in this exciting program! Please click on the link below for special activity ideas, suggested social media posts, and resources to help you continue to honor student leadership!


Raising Student Voice and Participation (RSVP)

The National Association of Student Councils (NASC) promotes student voice on high school and middle level campuses as an essential responsibility of student council leaders—but what is student voice, and what does it look like?

Student voice is the sharing of suggestions, ideas, and opinions of the student body, and the Raising Student Voice & Participation (RSVP) program provides the opportunity to take that collective voice and effect real change in schools and the community.

For schools interested in engaging their student body and working with their school administration on promoting real change in their schools, we encourage you to look closely at bringing RSVP to your campus by clicking on the below link. 

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