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Host Your Own "Track or Treat"!

Looking for a way to engage your community this Halloween season? Check out this cool idea from Montour High School!

"Track or Treat was an event for our neighboring elementary school where kids paraded around the high school track in their Halloween costumes for family and the high school students. Student Council members were divided into groups and assigned to tables that were spread out around the track. Each table handed out small prizes such as pencils, pencil erasers, mini puzzles, bubbles, bouncy balls, and bags for kids to put their items in.

The Costume Contest on the Hilltop allowed students to take pictures of their Halloween costume for a twitter contest. To enter students just had to post a picture of their Halloween costume and tag the Montour Student Council twitter account. Likes were worth 1 point, and retweets were worth 3. The four students with the most points received amazon gift cards."

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