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5 Tips for Staying Focused when Learning from Home

During these unprecedented times, it will be difficult to know exactly how to learn from home. Learning from home is challenging since there are multiple distractions such as your bed, family, friends, food, and electronics. It is easy to get distracted, lose motivation, and not finish your schoolwork. Here are some tips to stay focused while learning from home.

  1. Turn off all electronic distractions, especially social media, when learning. Several tools can help to limit social media and other electronic distractions. Have electronic distractions be a reward when you finish some of your work.

  2. Establish a daily routine. Set a time to wake up, eat food, study, and do whatever else you do. Routines provide structure and a sense of control. Also, remember to not blame yourself if you slip up and do not follow your routine, it will take away your motivation.

  3. Get dressed as you would normally for in-person school. When you wear your pajamas to learn at home, it may feel like you are not working or studying as hard as you should be. This will leave you vulnerable to distractions, which leads to not doing your work. You can change back into those pajamas when you have finished learning for the day.

  4. Take notes and make a to-do list for homework, schedules, and more. While learning from home, it can be hard to keep track of the assignments you receive, which is why it is important to make a list. Creating a list will help you complete all tasks for the day or week.

  5. Share your study plan with your family or whoever is at home with you. By doing this, they can help you establish a well-rounded routine. Also, they will know when not to disturb you while you are learning.

Finally, learning from home will take some time to get used to and to adjust. Do not get upset or angry at yourself if it is challenging at first, we are all going through this together. Rely on others to support you when you need it, and help others when they need you. Remember these five tips to help you through the school year, and try your best to succeed. Good luck with this upcoming school year!

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