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5 Ideas for Virtual Events

There is no telling when things will be back to “normal,” but we have to persist by finding new ways to teach, learn, and have fun. Navigating student council this year in a virtual setting will be challenging, but there’s nothing that a PASC Member School plus some creativity can’t accomplish! Here are some fun events that your student council can hold virtually.


  1. Virtual talent show. A talent show would normally include making committees, choosing a venue, budget, and date, holding auditions, advertising the show, and ultimately running the show. Although these steps were crucial a few months ago, they are very different today. To plan this event virtually, your council can take the following steps: choosing a date, holding virtual auditions, and meeting with each performer virtually to make sure the event goes smoothly. When your student council runs the event, they can promote it on social media, invite special guests, have an MC, and raffle off items. Most important of all, make sure to get creative with this fun live streamed event!

  2. Virtual club fair. To host a virtual club fair, each club would have a unique meet code for Google Meet or Zoom and students could choose which club’s information sessions they want to attend. Each meet code for the clubs could be posted on social media and sent out in an email blast. Each club would have about 5 minutes per rotation to promote their club to interested students. This event is great for incoming freshmen and new students.

  3. Virtual theme week. Your student council can organize “Theme Weeks” throughout the school year. To make this event involve the whole student body, your student council can ask the student body to brainstorm and select fun themes for the year. During these specified “Theme Weeks” students can show their involvement by posting pictures on social media and attending their virtual classes wearing their themed clothing. This is a great event to boost school spirit.

  4. Virtual game shows. It is very challenging to entice the student body to get involved in virtual events. Virtual game shows could be your answer to getting more involvement! Student councils could host live streamed game shows once a week by utilizing Kahoot or Quizizz to challenge students to fun rounds of trivia. Each week, your student body nominates a few students to participate in the virtual game show. These game shows can be live streamed onto all of your council’s social media. Make sure to be creative with your game shows!

  5. Virtual escape rooms. If your council is ready to put in some creative thinking and hard work, then this event is for you! During the virtual PASC summer camp, PASC held virtual escape rooms over Zoom. Your council could organize these escape rooms using things like hidden messages on google slides presentations to invisible words on a document. In small Zoom breakout rooms, students would have to work together to solve the virtual escape room. This event takes a lot of creative effort, but it is worth it!

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