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10 Tips for Presenting to Administration

So you've brainstormed a new event idea and you've outlined the event in a formal proposal. What's next? Get approval from your principal, of course!

The most effective way to get administrators to agree to an event is to schedule a time to meet in-person and answer any questions. Any presentation you make should be well planned and thought out, while also showcasing what your idea is all about and shining the idea in a positive light.

Here are 10 tips to ensure you're prepared to present to administration and earn approval for your new event!

Top 5 before meeting with administration:

  1. Be sure your entire committee/group is well organized and on the same page

  2. Consider all the possible arguments against your proposal and be prepared to address them

  3. Assign one person as lead spokesperson for the entire group

  4. Write out your proposal and have copies printed out for everyone at the meeting (see template)

  5. When you make your appointment with administration, leave a copy of the proposal in advance of your meeting so that they have time to look it over.

Top 5 while meeting with administration:

  1. Be prepared and well organized. Be clear about what you want to accomplish in this meeting. Be prepared to answer questions. Bring reference materials and necessary information.

  2. Make sure only the necessary number of students is present! The More the Merrier? NO.

  3. Clearly explain the motivation for conducting the project. Refer to your proposal as needed.

  4. Be willing and ready to compromise. Keep an open mind and be prepared to make concessions in order to secure final approval for the project

  5. Keep it SIMPLE and most importantly, POSITIVE! A positive attitude may be the most effective tool in your toolbox.

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