2022 Proposed Amendment

At the Boyertown State Conference in November 2022, our membership will have the opportunity to vote on a proposed Constitutional Amendment for PASC. This amendment was originally proposed by PASC President Brooke Barcavage and PASC President-elect Anjali Verma, and has been endorsed by our Executive Board. Additionally, PA Principals, our partner organization, is urging the passage of this amendment, and we have the support of NASSP in bringing this amendment as well. We hope your school will join us and these other organizations in supporting this amendment and voting for its passage.

What does this amendment do?

If passed, this amendment will do two things:

1. Make us the state affiliate for the honor societies sponsored by NASSP (specifically, National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, and National Elementary Honor Society), just as we are the state affiliate for NatStuCo for NASSP, and;

2. Change our name to the Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils - Pennsylvania Honor Societies (PASC-PHS) to reflect our new affiliation.


Why is this amendment being proposed?


In 2019, our membership voted in favor of a constitutional amendment at the Westmont Hilltop State Conference that opened our membership to the honor societies in Pennsylvania. However, for us to fully include the honor societies and to be able to offer them the same level of support and service we do for student councils, this amendment is required. We cannot fully support honor societies if we are not their state affiliate with NASSP, and if our name does not represent and include them as well.


Does this amendment change or open our membership?


No. That was already done in 2019. Regardless of if this amendment passes or not, there will not be any change in our membership. However, if this amendment does not pass, then we will not be able to truly include honor societies in our organization and the amendment our members passed in 2019 will be incomplete.

I have more questions. Where can I get answers?

Great! We are happy you are interested in this. Our board has prepared an FAQ document that we really encourage you to read over along with other members of your council. You can find it at this Google doc

I have a specific question that wasn't answered in the FAQ document. Who can answer it for me?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the following individuals with questions you already have:


Executive Director Rose Ann Fulena: executivedirector@pasc.net

Assistant Executive Director Felix Yerace: aed@pasc.net

President Brooke Barcavage: president2022@pasc.net

President-elect Anjali Verma: president2023@pasc.net


A Video from our President and President-Elect

PASC President Brooke Barcavage and President-elect Anjali Verma are leading our efforts to have this amendment passed. Please watch this video to hear directly from them why they are asking you to support this amendment!

Individual Q&A's 

There will be a virtual “President Town Hall” to be held the week of October 17th with PASC President Brooke Barcavage and President-elect Anjali Verma with more information about this amendment and a chance to get your specific questions answered. More information will be posted here soon on this event!

If you would like a member of the PASC Executive Board to join a meeting of your council, executive team, or state conference delegation to answer your questions or discuss this further with you, we would be happy to do so! Please just email PASC Assistant Executive Director Felix Yerace at aed@pasc.net and we will schedule a time where one of our Executive Board members can talk to you via Zoom or Google Meet!

Your PASC Executive Board and PA Principals ask you to vote YES to this amendment, and NASSP looks forward to us being the state affiliate for honor society chapters!

We hope you will join us in helping to expand and promote PASC and allow us to offer the same great opportunities to even more students and schools. If after reviewing the information on this website you still have questions or are not sure, please contact us so we can answer your questions and show you why we are excited about this proposal and why we think you should be as well!